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When some friends have disagreements, they talk about them. When others have disagreements, they wrestle and smother one another. Shanya doesn't like it when she hears the things that Brooke has said behind her back so she takes her too the mat and ties her up. She knows that Brooke has a thing for scents so she sits in her face and lets her smell her ass. She then uses her tits to smother her too.

These American mistresses are the worse facesitting femdoms ever. They are in their sexy bikini while facesitting on their slave. The humiliation turns them both on and they start laughing the more they force his to deal with using his face as a human seat. Their panties smell so good in his nose though even though he barely can breathe under their full weight.

Watch this hot clip of sexy, dark haired Francesca and her sexy man Steve. You will enjoy seeing how she will make him lay down while she sits her tight little ass down on his perfect face. When she is done having his face deep in her ass, she will move to make sure that she can rub back and forth across his face with not only her ass but her hot cunt too.

This big breasted babe performs a facesitting on her slave smothering him with her thighs humiliating him as she makes him smell her ass. Her slave loves when he gets her smother box on his face, especially when it's a bikini facesitting. She loves when her slave worships her ass or when she has to wrestle him into facesitting, it excites her with every fight she gets into with him. Watch and be excited by this hot facesitting scene.

Mistress Sexy Krista wrestles her slave down to the ground in this clip. After he is laying there motionless and helpless she humiliates him for being such a loser to be beaten by a woman. She sits on his face and makes him smell her sexy ass. She commands him to kiss and worship it as she deserves. Unable to escape he follows her instructions...

Mistress Stacey has won the fight. She wears a really sexy bikini in this clip and her perfectly shaped body is visible to you. Her victim lays on the ground, beaten and powerless. Now she takes his dignity by sitting on his face. She smothers him and laughs at him while he is stuck between her legs...

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