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Mistress Attika was not happy with her girlfriend Jenny. She wanted to express her displeasure but she was also horny. So she combined the two and she forced her girlfriend to lick and smell her ass as she facesat on her while wearing jeans. She roughed her and even made her lick her pussy through the denim. They both got turned on and made some sweet love to each other.

Sexy blonde Elfia has nothing better to do today than torture her poor slave Sonja. After wrestling her to her back, Elfia straddles her chest and smothers her face with her pretty pussy. While Sonja moans and writhes, she inhales the sweet aroma of Elfia's wet pussy through her tight and torn jeans. Elfia loses track of time while playing on her phone as Sonja enjoys the wet pussy fragrance.

With her jeans, Coco knows how to inflict pain to her slaves and losers. She facesits on them and then grinds her ass on their faces

Anna and Olesya love rough sex. They roughed each other up before and spanked each other and facesat on each other with their jeans before they got down to foreplay

Lovely long blonde haired beauty Mistress Katja gets on her purple cellular phone while her boyfriend rests on the couch. She is not going to let her boyfriend just sit there! She is going to plop her ass in jeans right on his naughty face! This brown leather couch just is not cushiony enough for her lovely ass! So she uses his body and face to rest her nicely round rump!

Antonia decides to take a cigarette break but instead of going outside she decides to use a co-worker who have been watching her for some time for a seat. With tight blue jeans and form fitting sweater this sexy femdom enjoys face sitting on this loser. He likes ass smelling anyway so it worked out for both of them.

Dominant Cleo doesn't mince her words when she wants something and today she wants her slave under her ass worshiping it for all he's worth. Her tight denim jeans are perfect for the jeanssitting session she's got in mind and with him on the sofa under her full weight facesitting is a pleasure for her and a humiliation for him. Watch this ass slave as he sucks in air helplessly picking up the musky fragrance of his Mistresses hot ass through the rough material!

Mistress Katja enjoys showing her new light blue jeans to her favorite slave. She will enjoy the feel of his handsome face under her tight jeans on her ass. She will try them out first by sitting on his face ass first and wiggling in delight. After she will turn around and enjoy the feel as the tight jeans and his face feel on her covered wet pussy. What will happen next?

Watch as this hot boyfriend Walter finds himself enjoy much more then lunch and drink at the beach house with his sexy girlfriend Murderotica. He will enjoy having her lovely little in its tight jeans rubbing and bouncing on his handsome face. Willing in erotic pleasure of having his nose in her jean covered ass, you will be on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next.

When Iwona's slave comes over for a night he thinks will be quiet and relaxing, she will quickly show him just how wrong he is. In her tight jeans and white tank, this dark haired hottie will use him as her own personal seat, enjoying placing her jeaned cunt right under his nose, finishing with her perfectly rounded ass places on his face, when he begs for her to get up she just laughs and remains sitting.

You won't want to miss one second of this sexy vixen, Mistress Katja. Watch as she will teach her naughty slave what happens when he doesn't do as she asks. She is crush his nose beneath her tight jeans that cover her perfect pussy, and then rest her round ass upon his head. Will he learn to obey her, or will he continue to be naughty to gets this enjoyment?

Mistress Katja is a busy woman. But that's no maintenance to miss her needed pleasure! So she uses one slave as personal cushion while she prepares for a shooting. He has to offer his face so she can sit on it and prepare herself in front of the mirror.

This young lady has an interesting fetish. She loves to sit on her boyfriends faces! She tells this gives her the feeling of unlimited power and superiority. So she makes her actual boyfriend lie down on the sofa to make him get used to her sexy ass on his face! She knows that procedure very well and loves to perform it again and again. As the slave is made to lie down, she sits on his face with her trousers on. Then after a while she peels down her trousers and sits on him with just her slip.

Czech mistress Melissa wants to smother this guy under her tight jeans ass. She slams her tasty ass right down on his nose and sits on his face with her full weight. Your face and nose are hurting? Not Melissa's fucking problem! She's a lot of fun to smother this weakling underneath her butt.

Mistress Queen P degrades her poor slave in this clip and transforms him into her personal chair. She sits on his face with her sexy busty jeans ass and laughs at him while he tries to get away to get some fresh air - but she is much stronger and keeps him right under her ass.

Mistress Katja had a great idea to punish her office co-worker for the lost bet. She simply bound him to her chair to use his face as her personal living cushion. Next she smothers him for hours while she works at her desk and does everything she normally does...

Mistress Anja sits on her slaves face with her new tight blue jeans. She laughs at him and humiliates him for being such a sick bastard who loves being humiliated by young sexy girls. She uses and abuses him to rape his wallet at any time - that's all he is good for.

Mistress Lady Cathy loves it to torture and hurt her slaves with her bbw weight. She wears a tight light blue jeans in this clip. She smothers her slave with her ass and sits on his face with her full weight. She laughs at him as he tries to get away and to free himself. Its senseless and she keeps him trapped between her big legs...

Mistress Chanel has a nice relaxing seat on her slaves face who is laying on the sofa. She sits on his face with her sexy blue jeans and makes him smell and inhale her woman scent. She wears very dominant but sexy black leather high heel boots as she turns around on his face to make him adore her beautiful ass...

The SadoSisters again have caught one person they both absolutely not like. And his punishment starts instantly. While one of them is keeping his legs in position, the other one sits on his face with her sexy light blue jeans. She smothers him and holds his hands tight. He cannot move or escape and both girls break out in laughter as they hear his funny attempts to breathe through the textile...

Lady Mercedes loves to smother her slaves face with her tight sexy jeans ass. In this clip she taunts her victim, laughs at him and humiliates him by making him smell her royal scent. His mouth and nose is squashed under her perfect ass while reducing his breath to zero...

That's exactly how lady Eve wants her slave: Lying unable to move like a good little puppy with his head on the chair. Next she sits on his face to smother him as he deserves. She really enjoys the power over him and listens to his mumbles under her tight jeans ass. There's nothing better than a nice facesitting session.

Mistress Katja has a servant around the clock - in this clip she prepares herself for a further shooting. While she puts makeup on her cute face she sits on her slaves face with her sexy jeans ass. He lays right on the char as she rubs her jeans ass into his face...

Alita rides this jerk's face wearing her tight hard jeans. He not only has no chance to breath with her huge booty smothering him but also has to watch out to not get his nose broken as she rides his face with no intention of his well being. That will teach him a lesson to treat her better next time.

Katja has built a cruel device for extra bad slaves. It's her favorite punishing method: It's a box where the slaves head fits in and his face looks out. The hands are bound on the devices grips - so the ideal setting for torturing is made. Now she can take place on his face very comfy and he can do nothing against it...

Lady Lucie punishes her boyfriend for peeping other girls. She bound his hands together, made him lay on the sofa and then she sits on him with her sexy tight jeans. She makes him smell her ass and marks him while she tells him: "You will never flirt with any other girl, and no other girl would ever want you since I have marked you with my scent..."

Mistress Cora and Lilu have ordered their very own cam slave for their next session! They are totally into male punishment and torturing, so they both take care of their slave by smothering him and making him smell the other ones ass! One of them is always recording the whole action and they keep laughing all the time...

Antonia sits on one of her slaves faces with her very tight jeans while she is having a cigarette. She relaxes and smiles on her victim who's struggling to get fresh air - but she simply increases the pressure to fix him in position and make him breathe her smelly ass! She is very sadistic and likes it a lot to use him like this...

Xenia loves the power she gets when bounding a slaves hands together to make it impossible for him to resist her. She has him right where she wants him! First she makes him kiss her perfect shaped jeans ass, then she decides to make a nice seat out of his stupid slave face. So she smothers him and humiliates him...

Mistress Katja has caught someone peeping through the keyhole while she was sitting on the toilet! She surprises him by overwhelming him and making him put his head on the toilet-border. Then she punishes him by sitting right on his face with her sexy skin-tight jeans ass.

This loser really thought he could escape Celine by hiding on the restroom - well, obviously he was really wrong! She quickly fights him down to the dirty floor and starts facesitting him wearing her hard skin-tight jeans. Of course he's fights back but he has no chance getting machine-gun face slaps just before Celine puts her ass back on his nose. She can keep doing that for hours!

Mistress Katja caught her slave smelling her worn jeans - so she confronts him and really makes him smell her jeans. She puts his head into one of her worn jeans and sits down on top of it. Of course the slave is fighting for air but his only chance to breathe is trough the smelly worn jeans of his mistress. In the end she leaves him buried under jeans and totally humiliated.

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