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Tina D has her slave's hands bound to a chair while his head lies in an smother box. First she just humiliates him while sitting on the chair and looking down on his pathetic face. But after that she starts to smother him with her sexy jeans ass. The rough material scrubs over his cheeks when she changes position. Her shapely butt smothers him and the slave is unable to breathe without her permission.

Katja has built a cruel device for extra bad slaves. It's her favorite punishing method: It's a box where the slaves head fits in and his face looks out. The hands are bound on the devices grips - so the ideal setting for torturing is made. Now she can take place on his face very comfy and he can do nothing against it...

Krista has got a surprise for bad slaves! It's called the "punish-box". The slave is fixed and bound to reduce his possible movements. His face looks out in a hole in the middle of a seat where she takes place. He cannot resist her and has to suffer and smell her ass while she phones a girlfriend. Krista wears some very nice shiny trousers in this one...

Xenia is dressed up really sexy wearing a short skirt and hold-up stockings. Her slave is already waiting for her locked up and bound in her smother box. She immediately drops her sexy bottom on his face and smothers him underneath. After lifting her skirt and wearing nothing but a thong you get a great view of her ass. She surely doesn't care for her slave's well being when she sits down on him with her full-weight to make sure he doesn't get a tiny but of air anymore!

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