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Lady Aurelia sat on this loser and she dominated him for being too slow. She does not like slow people and that was to send a warning to him that if he did not style up, she would have no problem dominating him and torturing him with her ass as well as other ways she could think of. And then chasing him away from her house when she was done humiliating him.

Mistress Akiba has a lovely ass and this guy wanted a piece of it. She almost gave it to him but she realized he had a small dick. She did not want to waste her time with someone who would not satisfy her so she dominated him by facesitting on him. She enjoyed herself by rubbing her clit and her ass on his face. She also made him lick her pussy until she came. Then she chased him away with his boner.

Mistress Natasha was too easy on this slave that he took advantage of it. She reached a point she had to change tact and punish him. She faceast on him and he was shocked at what she did. He did not imagine she could beat the shit out of him and choke him with her ass as she had done. But he realized she could be cruel sometimes and he did what she wanted.

Mistress Jessica is not your average girl. She is the kind of person who loves to do what she wants when she wants. And today she wanted to facesit on this loser. Unlike other mistresses, she did not bother to do it with her jeans. She did it with her pussy and her ass. She made the guy give her a cunt job and she she came before she let him go.

Mistress Vanny does not like slow slaves. This slave was too slow for her and she could not take it. It was either she chased him away or he had to pull up his socks. She chose to punish him to find out whether he would pull up his socks. She faceast on him with her jeans and she almost choked him in the process. It was brutal and he learned his lesson and pulled up his socks.

Lady Rio was not going to let anyone get in her way. It was only this guy standing in the way of what she wanted and she had to show him that she did not let anyone mess with her. She did so using her sexy ass. She facesat on him and she forced him to surrender after she had choked him. He let her do what she wished to do.

When this mistress noticed that her boyfriend was in love with being dominated, she took it a notch higher and she tried facesitting on him. She wanted to make facesitting videos that she would watch later so she made out with him' and she made him lie down. She went ahead to facesit on him and to choke him using her sexy ass and her pussy. He loved it but he did not know she was doing it for her own fun and not for his.

Mistress Roxana could not believe what she had seen in her friend's phone. Her friend had photos of her man and when she asked her friend, she pretended not to know how they got there. Mistress Roxana got pissed and she dominated her friend cruelly. She tortured her by facesitting on her and making her smell her smelly ass and farting on her as well. She warned her friend not to have anything to do with her man.

Lady Morgana had a rude slave and she had gotten tired of putting up with his rudeness. She snapped today and she facesat on him as punishment. She crushed his face and she choked him in the process of facesitting on him. She had tied him so that she could torture him without any restrictions. That was when he realized he had fucked up as she did not listen to anything he said nor his pleas for mercy.

Mistress Roxana wanted to turn on this guy so she sexted him and once he was turned on, she invited him to her house. He went there running and when he reached her house, she teased him some more. He was so turned on that he was about to cum on himself. She did not want to fuck him so she facesat on him with her jeans on and she made him feel some pain which turned him off.

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