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Lady Anja does not like arrogant people. Her colleague was one and she could not stand him. But today his arrogance was on steroids and she knew she would not keep quiet anymore. So she turned on him and she used her ass which he liked and always complemented her for to dominate and humiliate him. She facesat on him and she crushed his face and choked him until he agreed to stop his arrogance.

Mistress Anja sits on her slaves face with her new tight blue jeans. She laughs at him and humiliates him for being such a sick bastard who loves being humiliated by young sexy girls. She uses and abuses him to rape his wallet at any time - that's all he is good for.

Lady Anja is normally only in financial domination - but this loser is willing to pay her 1000 Euros just to feel his mistresses' precious ass on his face for a few minutes. She's doing a great job facesitting him wearing this sexy short panties. She has a lot of fun dropping her sexy little ass on his face and just laughs when he's fighting for air. In the end he not only has to pay her but has to eat her chewed bubble gum too!

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