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July knew that her boyfriend loves her ass. She facesat on him and made him lick her ass and smell it. He loved it

You will be in awe at just how much this slave can take. Sexy blonde hottie Jane is excited when she meets a hunk laying on the floor. Quickly she decides to test out his manners and seat her pretty ass on his face, finishing she will stroke her lace panties and pussy across his waiting nose. This pussy smother is one you will never forget, Come let Jane show you some fun.

Mistress Candice is enjoying her game as she use her ass slave face as a special cushion while she plays. She uses her full weight to sit on his face humiliating him as he gets smothered by panties and turns red from poor air circulation. This facesitting mistress loves forcing him to smell her ass as she laughs and continues to enjoy her game while he worships her ass as she relaxes.

It is Katrin's time to have a little fun with her friend Jane. Wearing her leopard panties and bra, she starts to smother the bitch with her ass. Jane is lying on a work out bench while the other woman puts her butt over her mouth and nose to smell the womanly odor. But Katrin is not satisfied by this. So she starts to smother the other one with her bare hand until Jane begins to struggle from lack of air.

This young lady has an interesting fetish. She loves to sit on her boyfriends faces! She tells this gives her the feeling of unlimited power and superiority. So she makes her actual boyfriend lie down on the sofa to make him get used to her sexy ass on his face! She knows that procedure very well and loves to perform it again and again. As the slave is made to lie down, she sits on his face with her trousers on. Then after a while she peels down her trousers and sits on him with just her slip.

Mistress Scarlet sits on her slaves face with her sexy black slip. She smothers him with her full weights and forces him to breath in her sexy women scent. His complete face is covered by her bottom and she is visibly amused about his submissiveness.

The polish mistress - actually also known as Mistress Weronika - has her slave laying on the ground. She calls him the chairman and nobody than him knows better why. She sits on his mouth and nose and smothers him with her full weight. She makes him breath and smell her delicious scent and humiliates him for being such a little pervert...

Mistress Krista sits on her husband-slave's face. That's what she loves to do most. She smothers him with her entire body weight as she tries different poses right on his mouth and nose. The funny noise he makes while he tries to breathe turns her on and makes her punish and humiliate him much more...

Jessy wears a very delicious golden bikini and a golden slip in this clip. Her slave lays on the edge of her sofa and she smothers him with her shiny golden slip! He cannot resist as he sees her ass lowering on his face and getting closer and closer...

Jasmina Sun simply deserves to be treated like a goddess. She is sexy, her body perfect in shape and she definitely knows how to get everything she wants by using her woman weapons. She uses a slaves face as her personal chair while she prepares herself like it would be the most common thing in the world...

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