Archive 8/2010 | Facesitting Videos

All articles in archive 8/2010

Mistress Goldie and Lady Jewel are sitting both on the chest of their pathetic slave. They have taught him very much in the past and now they are both up to force him to sniff their pants! A sissy should know the smell of pants - they say and force him so sniff.

Sexy Mistress Chloe and Lady Tequila are having so much fun as they are torturing one of their slaves. While on girl keeps sitting on his face, the other tramples him by standing on his chest with her complete body weight. He tries to free himself but it's a hopeless situation and there is no escape for him.

Mistress Scarlet sits on her slaves face with her sexy black slip. She smothers him with her full weights and forces him to breath in her sexy women scent. His complete face is covered by her bottom and she is visibly amused about his submissiveness.

Mistress Jackson's living cushion has no chance to escape once she puts her sexy bbw full weight ass right on his face. She loves doing that to him and enjoys his screams and poor attempts and tries to get away. He is forced to smell her ass all the time...

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