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This slave wanted to be dominated with facesitting from Madame Marissa and her friend, but he had no idea how cruel these girls were. They make him lie down on the sofa and they start trampling him and stomping all over his body. The brutal domination continues as they do some massive butt drops where their sexy asses come crashing down on his face crushing him with their full weight.

Smoldering hot brunette Mistress BlackDiamond has a step brother who loves to be dominated and punished by her so she gets her gorgeous brunette friend Alektra to help her. He lies down with a special stool over his head to allow their asses to cover his face. They sit down hard on his face and punish him with double facesitting and take turns spreading their legs and getting his face deep in their crotch.

Mistress Goldie and Lady Jewel are sitting both on the chest of their pathetic slave. They have taught him very much in the past and now they are both up to force him to sniff their pants! A sissy should know the smell of pants - they say and force him so sniff.

Two sadistic blonde girls and one poor weakling - the product is torturing and humiliation. Both girls are wearing their sexy skintight jeans and smothering the slave by pushing their sexy asses right on his mouth and nose. They force him to shut his mouth by sitting on him with their full weight.

Mistress Cora and Lilu have ordered their very own cam slave for their next session! They are totally into male punishment and torturing, so they both take care of their slave by smothering him and making him smell the other ones ass! One of them is always recording the whole action and they keep laughing all the time...

Mistress Krista and her girlfriend Kimber love smothering scenarios, so they both invited a slave who is put on the sofa to become their seat for the next hour. They talk to each other and enjoy their new living seat while pressing their sexy asses against his body and face...

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