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Lea always hated her step son. She also showed him in several ways! And as she found out that he was consuming drugs she blackmailed him. She told him that she would go to tell his father about his misbehave and he knew that his dad would actually throw him out of their house. So they made a deal: He would become her slave whenever and however she wants and she won't say anyone about his drug problem. Now he is used to be her living cushion or her footrest if his father is not at home...

Arabella wears her sexy brown nylons in this clip. She has her slave lying on the ground so that she can easily sit on his face to smother him which is one of her favorite activities. Once she sits on his face and covers his mouth and nose with her ass - she feels good! She loves having his face stuck between her cheeks forcing him to smell her ass.

Liz is so much stronger than Steve but she isn't just ok with that! She needs to show off her strength and her superiority to everyone. So she decided to make this record where she fights Steve. She beats him with no effort and just sits on his face. She shows the whole world how strong she is and what she does to losers she beats. She makes Steve smell her sexy string ass as she rubs it all over his face and keeps his mouth and nose covered between her bare cheeks.

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