Facesitting Videos - Sexy dominatrixes use male faces as their living ass cushions - Page 103

After surprising a burglar who was trying to rob her, she beat him to the ground, bound his hands together and simply punishes him for his bad deed! He is made to smell her big ass while she sits on his face and enjoys her power. He isn't really able to escape or to breathe and she keeps him in position with her full weight! A lesson he will never forget...

Krista has got a surprise for bad slaves! It's called the "punish-box". The slave is fixed and bound to reduce his possible movements. His face looks out in a hole in the middle of a seat where she takes place. He cannot resist her and has to suffer and smell her ass while she phones a girlfriend. Krista wears some very nice shiny trousers in this one...

Xenia loves the power she gets when bounding a slaves hands together to make it impossible for him to resist her. She has him right where she wants him! First she makes him kiss her perfect shaped jeans ass, then she decides to make a nice seat out of his stupid slave face. So she smothers him and humiliates him...

Mistress Katja has caught someone peeping through the keyhole while she was sitting on the toilet! She surprises him by overwhelming him and making him put his head on the toilet-border. Then she punishes him by sitting right on his face with her sexy skin-tight jeans ass.

BBW Lady Cathy enjoys her new slave-seat. She bound her victim up and sits on his face with her sexy big heavy ass while she wear an bikini and a string. She sits on him with her full weight and makes it hard for him to breathe!

Xenia is dressed up really sexy wearing a short skirt and hold-up stockings. Her slave is already waiting for her locked up and bound in her smother box. She immediately drops her sexy bottom on his face and smothers him underneath. After lifting her skirt and wearing nothing but a thong you get a great view of her ass. She surely doesn't care for her slave's well being when she sits down on him with her full-weight to make sure he doesn't get a tiny but of air anymore!

This loser really thought he could escape Celine by hiding on the restroom - well, obviously he was really wrong! She quickly fights him down to the dirty floor and starts facesitting him wearing her hard skin-tight jeans. Of course he's fights back but he has no chance getting machine-gun face slaps just before Celine puts her ass back on his nose. She can keep doing that for hours!

Mistress Katja caught her slave smelling her worn jeans - so she confronts him and really makes him smell her jeans. She puts his head into one of her worn jeans and sits down on top of it. Of course the slave is fighting for air but his only chance to breathe is trough the smelly worn jeans of his mistress. In the end she leaves him buried under jeans and totally humiliated.

Lady Anja is normally only in financial domination - but this loser is willing to pay her 1000 Euros just to feel his mistresses' precious ass on his face for a few minutes. She's doing a great job facesitting him wearing this sexy short panties. She has a lot of fun dropping her sexy little ass on his face and just laughs when he's fighting for air. In the end he not only has to pay her but has to eat her chewed bubble gum too!

Jasmina Sun loves to be totally in control of her slaves. This slave lies tied up on the floor for hours when she starts facesitting him wearing her sexy leather pants. She sits on his face frontal as well as reverse - smothering him completely under the hard leather fabric. Later she takes off her pants and you can see her gorgeous ass smothering this loser underneath.

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